Highest Education

Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.

Courses, Guide-books and Spirit of Prophecy E-Books
for Parents, Teachers, Youth and Youth Leaders

Picture Lesson for Parents:

Special Short Lesson for these days:

The two short story-courses below should be read by every parent or teacher. They are featured in the 'Teen Reading Club' section because they can change the life of any teen or youth that reads them also! What a blessing it could be to any family who will go through these together for Family Worship time! Here they are:

1. I Know Something Good!
2. The Cry of the Troubled Heart

More Helpful Books

Love's Way. Talks with Billy Boy and Marianne about Life and Its Beginnings.

Lessons from Nature.  How to teach them

Give Attendance to Reading.  Guidance on Reading and Watching

Studies Christian Education.


Christian Story-Telling: Selected from A. W. Spalding

Spirit of Prophecy Items

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Special Testimonies on Education.pdf

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students.pdf

Christian Education.pdf

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