Highest Education

Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.

Character Building Stories from Long Ago

Read and Listen!

Here in this section we are going to share several collections of old-time True-to-Life stories. Each poem or story has a Character lesson in it. They also give us insights into History and how things were in the past. We hope to have them all in 'Read and Listen' format so that you can hear the story being read while you read along yourself, this is a good way to expand your reading skills.
After each story, stop and think about the lesson it teaches and how that lesson still applies today. Long time ago when my Granny was little, they used to call this "finding the Moral of the story." If a story did not have a Moral, or Lesson to it, they did not consider it worth reading.

A good homeschool project can be, as you read these stories of by-gone days, to see how many words are strange to you and how many now have different meanings: perhaps make a list of them.

These stories are Junior to Teen level and good for personal reading, home-schools, Church-schools, and Sabbath Schools.