Highest Education

Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.

Wolves into Lambs

What would Happen if a Wolf wanted to be a Lamb?

The Bible tells us about wolves that pretend to be sheep so they can sneak in and trick the sheep,

But what if a wolf really wanted to change and become a sheep, could this be possible? Could the Wolf make himself into a Lamb? 
Here is a short Picture-Story about this.

Here is a special youth's course all about it. 

Lambs among Wolves:

by Meade MacGuire:
A Special Read and Listen Course for Youth

PDF Entire Book

 Lambs-Wolves/01-L-Ws.mp3 // Wolves-Lambs/01-LW.pdf

Lambs-Wolves/02-L-Wsm.mp3 // Wolves-Lambs/02-LW.pdf

Lambs-Wolves/03-L-Wsm.mp3  // Wolves-Lambs/03-LW.pdf

Lambs-Wolves/04-L-Wsm.mp3  // Wolves-Lambs/04-LW.pdf

Lambs-Wolves/05-L-Wsm.mp3  // Wolves-Lambs/05-LW.pdf

 Lambs-Wolves/06-L-Wsm.mp3 // Wolves-Lambs/06-LW.pdf

Lambs-Wolves/07-L-Wsm.mp3  // Wolves-Lambs/07-LW.pdf

/Lambs-Wolves/08-L-Wsm.mp3  // Wolves-Lambs/08-LW.pdf

"Learn of Me" Course Supplement