Highest Education

Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.

Youth Prays

Read, Listen, and Learn

Each Lesson contains Optional Review Quiz

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Lessons and Audio MP3s

Introduction: PDF / Audio MP3   

E-Lesson 1: PDF Wanted! Robert James Babcock! / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 2: PDF Youth Prays - Things Happen! / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 3: PDF Youth's Adventures in Prayer. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 4: PDF Scientifically Impossible-Yet It Happened. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 5: PDF Young Dave Steward in Action. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 6: PDF Agnostics and Drunkards Too! / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 7: PDF Sweethearts Again. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 8: PDF Modern Day Miracles. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 9: PDF Stranger Than Fiction. / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 10: PDF Youth Leads the Way. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 11: PDF After This, Who Could Doubt? / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 12: PDF Margaret Persevered. / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 13: PDF All Sufficient. / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 14: PDF Worried About Conditions? / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 15: PDF That Guardian Angel. / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 16: PDF "I Found What I Wanted”. / Audio MP3    

E-Lesson 17: PDF God Always Answers. / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 18: PDF A Young Hero. / Audio MP3   

E-Lesson 19: PDF This Is the Life! / Audio MP3 

E-Lesson 20: PDF This Can Change Your Life. / Audio MP3 

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