Junior Missionary Volunteers

What are we talking about?

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What is a Missionary Volunteer? A Missionary is someone that has a mission. You have heard of people being sent on a mission to do something or get something, well, Jesus has a mission for every boy or girl or big person on earth! Anyone who is doing mission work for Jesus is a Missionary.

So what does 'Volunteer' mean? There are people who have jobs and they work because they have to earn money; and there are people who do things because they are forced to do them–that is not a volunteer. A Volunteer is someone who sees that a helper is needed and he or she really wants to help and so says, "I am here and I want to do what I can to help with this mission. I am not doing this for money, I am not being forced to do this–I am doing this because I really want to help in this mission!"

This is what Isaiah said when God needed someone for a mission–he said, "Here am I–Send me!" (Isaiah 6:8)

These are the only kinds of people that Jesus wants to do His missions–people who are choosing to do it because they love Him and really want to be one of His Missionaries. "Well", you might say, "don't I have to be grown up and go to some far away place before I can be a Missionary?"

Oh No! Jesus has missions for everybody right where they are and as you learn to volunteer and do His missions right where you are, then you learn and grow and He gives you a little bit bigger missions and maybe even someday you will go to a far away place and do some very big job for Jesus–but only if you learn to be His Missionary, right where you are, first.

You can make a difference!

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Back in World War I and II, there used to be posters put up saying; "The Army or Navy or Air force wants YOU!" They wanted people to come and sign up to be a volunteer to fight for their country against cruel enemies. Each person doing their best to help would make a difference. Jesus wants YOU because He knows that each person who chooses to be one of His Missionary Volunteers can make a difference right where they are! 

You can be different!

By making a difference where you are, you become different too. Jesus works with you on His missions and sends His Holy Spirit and His angels to teach you and show you how to do His missions in His way so that He can bless each Missionary Volunteer that chooses to belong to Him and help their work to succeed. They become His special people.

In our sad, mixed up world today, nearly everybody just wants to live for themselves and get whatever they can for themselves and they don't even hardly think about anybody but themselves. When Jesus comes into our hearts and we become one of His Missionary Volunteers, we learn to be like Jesus and seek to help and bless everybody around us. We learn to be unselfish and kind. The selfish people may not understand us and may even laugh at us–they laughed at Jesus too when He was God's special Missionary. But no matter what, if we choose to belong to Jesus and work for Him, we will find Happiness and Joy in our lives that none of the selfish people will ever have, unless they too, give their hearts to Jesus.

No Matter Who or Where you are—Jesus can use you!

You may be thinking that you are too small, too weak, too timid, or too unimportant to do anything for Jesus. Oh No! Wherever you are, Jesus knows all about you and He is just waiting to welcome you as one of His very special missionaries and work with you and teach you how to do missions for Him. Maybe you think you are not the right color or you're not pretty or handsome enough–to Jesus, every person is lovely and special in His eyes.

Maybe you are very poor–Jesus Himself was poor when He was on earth, He understands and can still use you–often poor people do more for Jesus than rich people because they have not so many 'things' to get in the way of them coming close to Jesus.

Maybe you are even crippled or sick–Never mind–Jesus can still use you right where you are as a missionary for Him. You can learn about Jesus and His wonderful love and then cheerfully share it with everyone around you. When people take care of you, you can thank them and smile and be cheery. What a blessing even a sick person can be in this sad old world!

What the world has to offer–What Jesus wants to give you!

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Every boy or girl in the world has inside of them a wish to be someone special. This is because really, Jesus made each one of us to be something special for Him. Sadly though, in this sin-sick old world, people have many ideas about how to be special that are just not true at all. People think they can only be special by getting more money than other people–but often rich people become greedy and selfish and are not really happy.

Some people try to be special by doing sports or taking dangerous risks–many of them get hurt or even killed. The fame that comes from sports or something like that, does not last very long at all, and people forget all about them. Even if you were to become the richest and most famous person in the whole world–your life here is very short and soon it is over. Jesus said; "What good is it if you get the whole world but loose your own soul (your 'self')?"

Satan tells boys and girls; "Oh you can be real cool if you drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or take drugs." And he fools a lot of people and they end up ruining their bodies and minds and sometimes they end up so unhappy they just want to kill themselves!

Jesus has something special for every boy and girl, and what He has for us brings true happiness with no bad parts to it. He teaches us the way to true happiness; He teaches us how to care for our bodies so we can be smart and healthy; He teaches us how to learn useful things and get real fun by doing real, worthwhile things in this world; He also teaches us how to be ready to have a home with Him forever where He is–a home where we will never get sick and no one will ever die. When we make the choice to be His own special boy or girl, then we have a wonderful happy life here; Jesus is always close to us no matter where we are and never forgets us or leaves us lonely and when our short life here is over, we know that when He comes back, He will take all who love Him and have chosen to be His children, home to be with Him forever! His way is the Best Way!

Skills Jesus will help you with.

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There are many skills that can help us with our Missionary Volunteer work. We'll talk about some of them here and help you learn some of them and tell you how to learn others. What kinds of skills do Missionaries need? Well they need to know as much about how to do useful things as possible.

Here is a list of some things all Missionary Volunteers need to learn:
*How to care for their bodies and stay healthy;
*As much as they can about the Bible and God's messages to His people;
*Learn and practice good manners and speaking kindly to people;
*How to watch for jobs they can do in their families and homes to help make their home a happy place for all;
*Obey their parents and teachers cheerfully, without fussing or grouching about it;
*Learn to smile and be cheery even when they don't 'feel like it';
*Help younger brothers and sisters and never tease or hurt them;
*Care for pets and be gentle and kind to them;
*When playing with others, always share and take fair turns without quarrelling;
*Always keep your room and things neat and tidy, make your bed and fold or hang up your clothes; and learn all you can about taking care of the home you live in.

"Oh," you may say, "that doesn't sound special to me!" But it is special and few boys and girls today actually learn these important things! These are the very kinds of things that Jesus wants all His children to do, the very things He did when He was a boy here on earth and He is happy to help us to learn to do them cheerfully and well.

Another very important skill that this course will help you to learn and practice is Reading. It is ever so important to learn to read well, both to yourself and out loud to others. We can't teach the special truth to others unless we know it our self, and we will never learn it really well if we can't read it for ourselves. By reading to others we can help them learn Jesus' message too. 

We are going to help you become a better reader by giving you things to read, and you will also have Audio files to listen to, so you can hear the words as you read them yourself. Don't get the idea that reading is something you don't like, or is too hard for you–if you can talk–you can learn to read because learning to talk is much harder than learning to read! Practice reading at least a little every day and as you get better at it you will be so glad you got this important missionary skill! You can also ask Jesus and He will gladly help you to learn to read well, if you are willing to try, and practice it.

What does Pathlights Junior have for Missionary Volunteers?

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There are songs we can learn; activity books to download and print at home; Stories to read and listen to and dramatized stories to help us learn lessons about the Bible, nature, and right living; There are quizzes and puzzles to test your knowledge. There are slideshows to watch and memory verses you can learn.

Everything in our site will be true and based on the Bible and what Jesus wants His special boys and girls to learn about. There will be no cartoons, fiction, or silly things that would waste your time. We will also tell you the truth about many things that people think are OK for children to spend time on, that are really not good at all. You will also learn special health secrets and how to be 'ten times smarter'!

This is not a 'club' to join or a 'pretend' thing–it is for real and the things you learn here will help you to get to know Jesus for yourself and be one of His really, truly Missionary Volunteers, doing real missions for Him to show His love in this sad old world. As you learn and practice what you read here and in your own Bible study, your life will change and you will find that a real life with Jesus is better than any make-believe, made up stories.

If you spend time and learn and practice the secrets found here, it will help you for all of your life. Granny Temcat, your site teacher, was once a Junior Missionary Volunteer and now is a Senior Missionary Volunteer and can tell you that these truths are the real way to happiness, now and forever!

God Bless!


Missionary Volunteer Theme Song:

Hear the Music

1. A call for loyal soldiers Comes to one and all;
Soldiers for the conflict, Will you heed the call?
Will you answer quickly, With a ready cheer,
Will you be enlisted As a volunteer?

2. Yes, Jesus calls for soldiers Who are filled with power,
Soldiers who will serve Him, Every day and hour;
He will not forsake you, He is ever near;
Will you be enlisted As a volunteer?

3. He calls you, for He loves you With a heart most kind,
He whose heart was broken, Broken for mankind;
Now, just now He calls you, Calls in accents clear,
Will you be enlisted As a volunteer?

4. And when the war is over, And the victory won,
When the true and faithful Gather one by one,
He will crown with glory All who there appear;
Will you be enlisted As a volunteer?


A volunteer for Jesus, A soldier true!
Other have enlisted, Why not you?
Jesus is the Captain, We will never fear;
Will you be enlisted As a volunteer?

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Missionary Volunteer Song

Sing-a-long with Granny

1. "Missionary Volunteers" stands for service true.
And it means the Gospel message all the wide world through.
Volunteers, Volunteers; How I love the name.
Volunteers, Volunteers, Jesus to proclaim.
Faithfully we'll work each day and through coming years.
M. means that we're Missionaries, V. means Volunteers.

2. Young and old come let us work gladly while we may.
Follow not the world's allure but volunteer today.
Volunteers, Volunteers; How I love the name.
Volunteers, Volunteers, Jesus to proclaim.
Faithfully we'll work each day and through coming years.
M. means that we're Missionaries, V. means Volunteers.

3. Every boy and girl He needs in His cause below,
To do noble deeds of love, His grace to others show.
Volunteers, Volunteers; How I love the name.
Volunteers, Volunteers, Jesus to proclaim.
Faithfully we'll work each day and through coming years.
M. means that we're Missionaries, V. means Volunteers.

4. Let us work till Jesus comes without doubt or fear,
That we may hear the "Well done my faithful Volunteer."
Volunteers, Volunteers; How I love the name.
Volunteers, Volunteers, Jesus to proclaim.
Faithfully we'll work each day and through coming years.
M. means that we're Missionaries, V. means Volunteers.

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