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Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.

The Happiest People!

Brief Bible Course for Teens and Youth.


To Christian young people around the world, with the prayer that this course will help them to know that "those who in everything make God first and last and best, are the happiest people in the world."

 Introduction: When Granny ‘Temcat’ was just a young girl we all loved stories very much! Oh, not silly stores, or fiction stories—we loved true stories and especially ones about real Missionaries. Elder Eric B. Hare was a really, truly missionary and a wonderful storyteller and when we got to hear him tell his stories we were so happy. We children used to have some of these ‘Hare’ stories on old 78 rpm records, and we would play them over and over, and if he came to our camp-meeting in person it was such a thrill!

This Youth Course contains selections from material by dear old Elder Hare, and others. I assure you it will help answer many questions that young people tend to have about just what it means to ‘follow Jesus’ and live the ‘Christian life’.

 This course, although designed for personal study by the youth, can also be used in Family Worship; Sabbath School; Day School or Home-schools; and adjusted to all age groups.

How to use this course:

The most important rule to follow whenever we want to learn about the Bible and the Christian life, is always pray first, and ask our kind Heavenly Father to send the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus to help us and teach us. This is the secret to learning things that even the greatest ‘authorities’ fail to understand!

This is a “Read and Listen” course with audio files of each lesson. You can read or listen; the best way is to do both! This promotes your reading skills.

Each lesson has a memory verse: learning these by heart can certainly be a help to one’s Christian Life! Read through the lesson and seek to see the purpose of each story and what it tells us about serving Jesus.

In our day we all tend to have the habit of quickly scanning through something just to get the ‘story’ and then hurrying on to the next thing. This is largely because we are surrounded with so much ‘media’ and entertainment, and voices everywhere, all seeking to be heard and all saying something different!

We never learn the deeper things of life by scanning though them in this way. We need to think, what is this teaching me, and how does it apply to my life? When finished reading it through carefully, then answer the questions in the little quiz at the end. The quiz is only on the pdf file.


Lesson 1. Happiest People in the World!  Printable pdf:  /Audio mp3

Lesson 2. The Joy and the Rejoicing of My Heart!  Printable pdf: /Audio mp3

Lesson 3. Joyful in the House of Prayer!  Printable pdf:  /Audio mp3

Lesson 4. Rejoiceth Greatly to Hear His Voice!  Printable pdf: /Audio mp3

Lesson 5. The Sweetest Joy!  Printable pdf: /Audio mp3

Lesson 6. Whosoever Will May Come!  Printable pdf: /Audio mp3

Lesson 7. Blessed Are They That Do! Printable pdf: /Audio mp3

Lesson 8. Pleasures for Evermore!  Printable pdf:  /Audio mp3

Lesson 9. The Greatest of These Is Love!  Printable pdf:  /Audio mp3

Lesson 10. Eat Thy Bread With Joy!  Printable pdf:  Audio A // Audio B

Lesson 11. Joy Cometh in the Morning!  Printable pdf:  Audio A // Audio B

Lesson 12. The Joy That Was Set Before Him.  Printable pdf:  Audio A // Audio B

Lesson 13. Joy at the End of the Road.  Printable pdf: Audio A // Audio B

Lesson 14: Entertainment VS. Education:  Printable pdf:  /Audio mp3

Lesson 15: The Bible: Treasury for Youth.  Printable pdf:  Audio A // Audio B mp3

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