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Views of January/February 2022.

During the Baptismal Tour:

January 27:2022: Encounter with Lions.pdf

February 3/2022, while responding to an emergency in a distant group, the Pastors' lives were saved by a miracle when the bus driver suddenly swerved, causing the bus to teeter on the edge of the bridge where it had almost plunged 15 meters to a sure watery death for all! As it was all escaped to safety though some had to smash windows to get out! We praise the Lord for His protection!

February 7/2022: What Not Again? Yes indeed! Pastor Maxwell was on his way back to his station with needed supplies when his bus skidded and flipped onto its side! Praise the Lord he was unhurt and there were no deaths. Sadly, a lot of the supplies he was carrying were lost. But supplies are nothing compared to lives!!

Storm and flooding hits some areas:



School Days in flood conditions.

A Sad Story: This young lad was deceived into thinking he was going to become a powerful witch-doctor, having control over water creatures. Here he is showing off by sunning himself with a sleeping crocodile. A few days later, in spite of being warned, he went into the water to 'ride' one and it turned and grabbed him. He was rescued by onlookers but lost his leg. Though taken to clinic and then to hospital, by then his blood-loss was so severe that he died in a few days of his terrible wound.
Lesson for all you young folk reading this: Don't ever seek the occult for special favors or powers as the price is always too high!


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