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The Bus that did not Quit!

April 24, 2021 Miracle

 "Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps: set thine heart toward the highway." Jeremiah 31:21.

Here is the Story from Pastor T.

  We just got home a few seconds ago and this l had to share with you, it was a funny journey home but worthy to share. Usually when any long distance bus leaves the bus stop it is my behavior to always ask people to close their eyes and pray with me before the bus leaves for our safety.

Now when we were going the bus went to a service station and there was no diesel there, the bus driver told us to be ready to sleep on the bus as they failed to get fuel, they fill their tank on coming and also on return, and sadly we failed to get it, with the little fuel left he was hoping to get fuel the next service station which was some 40km away when the bus had enough for just 10-15km. So they warned us and apologized, and only hoped for a safe place to park.

However someone sitting next to me whispered and said, 'Pastor won't you ask your God to help us?' as l turned and looked at him l noticed that it wasn't a mockery, but someone who just believed in the power of God, l felt the need to, and so l stood up again and whole bus was silent, l told them that we had to pray to get home safely today, My prayer was to pray that somehow a miracle carries us to the next service station and hope to get fuel there.

I said in my prayer, "Dear God, we don't want to sleep in the road, please help us, we know you can make a way! And let your name be glorified and lifted up! Amen!"

Soon as l prayed the wild driver shouted, "So we are not parking; pastor prayed for us. Let's drive to the next service station and see if we can make it!" As he said this he was joking making everyone else laugh, but l kept a prayer in the heart not knowing what God would do.

Now it's almost 320km distance from Rockland's to Harare, and so he drove and was updating us; "Now the fuel gauge is red, but am just waiting for the bus to turn off, Pastor are you sure your prayer was heard?" And people would find a joke in that, but amazingly we got to the next service station before it turned off its engine, But again there was no diesel! So sadly he said, "Let's just drive to see where the engine will turn off."

Believe me, it never turned off, and the bus drove all the way to Harare! That's when he got fuel. He got up and said, "This man has a living God, l was mocking and making fun, but in what happened he is a man of God, and l am not worthy to take His money." He insisted that l get my money back that we had paid and got my contact information. And several other people said they would want to contact and meet for Bible studies. This was just a miracle.” God Bless!!

Note: Some have already contacted for visits! May the name of the Lord be praised and honored. "Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;" Psalm 107:2.


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