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Mhondoro: [Land of the lion god]

New Group! April-May 2021

See June-July Update:

May 28: Pastor Catches a 'Ghost'!
“The wicked flee when no man pursueth:
but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1.

Uncle Comes to Church!

VBS Adventure

 A few pix from Nurse L. will assist to give you an idea of the kind of life there. 

The Latest in Emergency Equipment!
This nurse donated a cart to the local clinic here to be an ambulance.

Here's the Hospital and Staff.

Community Water Supply;
This is what we call 'mufuku' looking for clean drinking water, people here don't know about wells and we should teach them, they get water from these mufuku or from dams. we have to boil it.
[Sanitary facilities? You can guess.] [see more on the Water Project]

Children's Classes:
This is the temporary shade for children we have been using for classes.
Below is one of our best VBS students with her Mom at their 'mobile home'. They both love the classes.

House where Nurse L. and family were staying:
That one near the big tree is my hut, the one being roofed again after the fire.

 The Witch-man's House:
This is my uncle's and it's high up as this area is water logged
so some do that to be safe from extra moisture. 

The Story: April:

Late March we funded our dear Nurse and her family to escape from the city where conditions were too dangerous for her. Pastor assisted and she is now in a new area in the country with a relative. She is leading our second MMV team in this new area. At first we though it only another dark, dead place spiritually, but shortly after they got there, they were outside quietly studying, when a lady came over and spoke to them. They found out she was an sda in the past, and had had no church available for many years. She asked if she could please study with them. This was wonderful enough, but the Lord had something bigger in mind. Within a week more and more families started gathering, until now on Sabbath there was a sizable group there of lonely, abandoned former believers who are so excited to establish a place to worship again. As I write this they are requesting from the local chef a place to build a simple shelter to gather in. All this happened without the team doing anything but welcome them as they came! The Lord says, “I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.” Micah 2:12. Praise His name! We plan a seminar for this new group very soon.

Trials; Tribulations, and Triumph! May Seminar.

We told how we had moved Nurse Lynette out of the city, to a country place where she was staying on her uncle’s land? Then the Lord, on His own, gathered many families of advent believers to her who had been without any church or fellowship for many years and were most anxious to study Bible and worship together.

Pastor came for a seminar, May 5-8: Left on the 5th to go there intending to stay for 10 days, doing personal studies with the area chief and preaching in the evening. The MMV team would teach the children during the day, but the second day they lost their voices! Only one could still teach.
Now before this Nurse L had emailed me reporting symptoms of depression and abnormal tiredness. We stepped up prayers for her, especially when she began to report occult events like something touching her feet at night. Pastor started his series and the very next day right in the meeting something snatched the white cloth he uses for a projector screen and flew off with it although there was no wind. He just kept on preaching anyway.
Then that night after midnight Nurse L. was awakened by Pastor banging on the door of her hut and shouting. Here a fire had been started on her roof, way up where no person could set it, and the roof was made of a type of thatch that does not usually burn. She and the children got out and they got her stuff out in time, but it was the intent that she be burned alive in her hut that night. The Lord overruled. Praise His name!

As soon as I got word of course it was to my knees, and I was impressed that because she and her daughters had not had a chance yet to be baptized, I told Pastor to baptize them right away that day. The youngest was not baptized as a bit too young yet. But there were 27 all told ready for baptism.

We had no idea where the occult interference was coming from, but the Lord clued us in. Sister L needed something from her uncle’s place when he was out and she went in to get it—she saw occult things in his room, it was filled with witchcraft things and snapped a picture of it. I will not share it, too horrid really. Then she knew what he was. When he found her there he was enraged. He hates her because she is a Christian now.

Pastor was asked to leave for now because of a special 10 days observance in that area where they want no gatherings. He left Sabbath night, very concerned for Sister L. We thought we would have to get her out of there somehow. And yet the Lord had showed there was a great work to be done there. We did not want to forsake the flock the Lord had gathered. There were hundreds wanting to attend the meetings there. Before he left, Pastor requested that perhaps the Chief could find a place where Nurse L could live safely. He said he would consider it. We were puxxled, where was she to go?

Then amazing grace. Sunday AM the 9th, Nurse L got a summons to go to the chief. She was a bit nervous not knowing what was up. She gets there and he says ‘follow me’ and there were some men with him with axes and stakes. He took her to a place where 4 stakes were in the ground marking a nice field, “This”, he said, “is where you will live.” Then leading her to another area nearby, “And here is where you will have your church.” SO THEN we knew what to do and began to  mobilize means. Supplies were bought and arrangements made to send in the builders to make a well, and proper toilet facilities. Now as I write this, she has a hut built and moved there today, away from that cruel devil that was controlling the old witch-man. Keep praying, going forward in faith!

Now, May 17, thanks to generous gifts from friends of the mission, we have our building teem there and are building sanitary facilities for the church area and Sister's area. These dear working men donated half the cost of the facility for the church area as their gift to the Lord! I am sure He will bless them! A well will be made also for her use. She has a new hut built and something is being made for the worship area also. The members of the new group the Lord has gathered are working together to do all this. Sister reports having peace in her new home.  

Keep praying as we hope to resume the seminar in the new area week of May 24. The Chief is anxious to resume his Bible Studies with the Pastor!  Much is needed, especially prayers!

See the Wonderful Update: "Uncle Comes to Church!"

God's Special Promise:

The Lord Jesus is our example and our efficiency in all things. Our means of doing good are never exhausted. Our source of power is the fullness of Christ. Upon this we may draw, and draw again. There is no limit to the supply. "Without me," says Christ, "ye can do nothing." But he also says, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." Therefore we are to pray without ceasing, for we have the promise, "Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do." When you make God your trust, and call upon him with your whole heart, he will be found of you. ST, March 7, 1892


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