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Mhondoro: Organic Agriculture Seminar

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Agriculture Seminar Progress:
Murehwa had a full agriculture Seminar with great results. Sept.-Oct. 2021

Missionary Maxwell's Bee houses: 2021


 By setting up special made bee-houses Ps Maxwell is able to lure wild colonies of bees to move in and provide valuable honey for the mission.

The Chief of Rockland's PawPaw trees: These were bought for him as slips last year, how the Lord has blest! 2021

Rented Field for Mission Agriculture development: Sept 2021: I admire the team's courage tackling this by hand!


Organic Agriculture Team 1


"No line of manual training is of more value than agriculture. A greater effort should be made to create and to encourage an interest in agricultural pursuits. Let the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about agriculture; that it was God's plan for man to till the earth; that the first man, the ruler of the whole world, was given a garden to cultivate; and that many of the world's greatest men, its real nobility, have been tillers of the soil." CG 356.2}


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