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Mission Updates

Agriculture School: July 2021

Mhondoro Story June 2021.

New Group: Mhondoro: May 2021

Vacation-Bible-School Adventure May 2021

Amazing-Miracle-April 3 2021.
AM-Part 2: Bringing in the Sheaves

April 24: The Bus that did not Quit:

April 2021: Baptisms and Blessings!

Rescue and showdown March 2021

Cyclone Dec. 31. 2020 / January 22-24

TC Mission Newsletter:
February 2021

Present Mission Needs for Prayer and Support: July 2021:

>>: Solar chargers, Flash drives, and internet connections: we continually face challenges being able to get material for study into the hands of our group leaders and elders and their groups. Not all that long ago they were able to  easily connect with me and receive lessons and instruction. Now deliberate network shutdowns are a problem,  we continue to solicit your prayers.

>>: We still have need for printing paper and inks for areas that used up most of what they had in the recent VBS.

>>: We now require means for windows and doors and finishing for the Mission House, We want to get our mission family moved in as since the town bulldozed the first home, they have been living in the small building we built for the church office!

>>: Sop Books, Bibles, and copies of John's Gospel are ongoing needs as our team meet and study with our 18+ groups, new believers and the people that come seeking help and knowledge of our God and our Savior Jesus!

>>: Food and necessities for our 2 mission families of diligent workers is an ongoing need as crisis events in that country put prices very high!

>>: Planting Seeds: The rains that have come have made planting and growing possible for food crops and gardens. Seeds have been planted as the Lord provided in many amazing ways! More will be needed in the fall for main crops.

January 22-24: Another cyclone hit! Prayers needed! See vid clips! Story in Feb. Newsletter

January 21 update: Praise the Lord, He intervened in response to our prayers to  release our team!  Now by His grace, the mission work can continue!

January 10: 2021 Update:  Our Prayers are needed at the Mercy Seat as what is claimed as C19 causes lockdowns and crisis in the hospitals in the Harare areas. Our faithful nurse and her team are struggling to care for many sick with no meds or supplies. She asks our prayers for their protection and help! Truly the Lord is our only refuge and hope in these cruel days! The only 'help' provided the poor people in the area so far, is the military patrol the streets, beating whoever they choose to. One lady was beaten with batons and her 9 month old baby, carried on her back, was killed.

Thank you for your Ongoing Prayers and Support!!

October 2020

The mercy and grace of the Lord in enabling us to be used to provide 3 good borehole-wells for the people in the mission home area became amazingly apparent, when in early Sept. the govt sent in a team that went around filling in the people’s yard wells, claiming they were going to put in piped water and taps for the people. Please see the above photo then read Pastor’s comment: “Just how does the govt close a well for someone living in this place and claim to want to put tap water for them? Just where exactly? I don't see this ever making sense! Some inhumanity towards each other l see here!”

The Lord expects us to attempt great things and he is standing by to provide and enable them to succeed where we see only impossibilities! Let us pray for Blessing so we can in turn bless other and carry the salvation message to all who thirst for it!

 "All who seek of Him shall find. All who knock will have the door opened to them. The excuse will not be made, Trouble Me not; the door is closed; I do not wish to open it. Never will one be told, I cannot help you. Those who beg at midnight for loaves to feed the hungry souls will be successful." COL 148.

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