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Mission Gallery

See Cyclone Dec. 31. 2020

April 2021: Almost finished!
Some folk really sacrificed to get this far on God's Mission Home! Still work to do and pay for!

Dec. 2022, This is where Granny Z now has her orphanage.

Children learning to pray to Jesus!

January 26: Progressing.

January 2021/07 Replacement building started:


Nov. 29/20: Our New Mission building almost complete! Dec 31: roof was blown off except for 1 room where our Mission team huddled for shelter. It is now repaired and they will live there until the new home is ready.

Oct. 2020: OOPS! somebody 'got somebody's goat'; read the Story.

Miracles: Food donation and Borehole-wells

The Miracle Dam

Read the story of the Miracle dam that for the first time in modern history has not dried up as usual in March and is still in September providing water for all!


A Picture Story to think about: Are You Bored?