Growing Sunflower Greens

Sunflower sprouts and micro greens are the most nutritious of live foods. They are complete total nourishment. They are especially good for healing.

The Seeds: Must be raw not roasted or anything, able to be planted.

Here we see the large black and white ones: I don't find them as good.
The small black ones, sold here for birds I find the best.

The sieves and bowls I use


The Sprouting: These are some seeds sprouted for 3 days, they could have been planted as soon as they had the little sprouts, but i will plant them today.


Beside them is a container with soil and the little sprouts are planted there. They will grow and in about a week they look like these: They are ready to cut and eat.

Here are the details on the method.
1. take a small amount of seeds and soak them in water for overnight-about 12 hours. Drain them and Rinse them well and pick out any sticks or broken shells.
2. Make sure water is drained off them, that is why i do it in sieves, but can be done in a bowl with care. cover the bowl and leave them. Rinse them carefully 2-3 times a day, and drain well and cover. in 2 days usually you will see tiny sprouts.

3. Prepare your container of soil; make sure it is moist; dump your sprouts onto the soil and cover them lightly with soil. now they can be in light, just make sure they stay moist but not too wet. In a few days the look like the ones above and you cut them and eat them. You can work it out so you have some sprouting while others are growing so you have continual greens to eat!

Below are some other micro greens I am moving indoors to get ready for winter when I can't grow outside.


Ideas and thoughts

For the MMVs over there perhaps one could soak some seeds over night in a bowl or some container. Then drain carefully and cover. Rinse them 2 or 3 times a day for a couple days until the little sprouts come.
Then perhaps, rather than plant them in containers as i do,  some small areas beside the house could be made into little beds and these could be used for green-beds? there could be a series of them so one could be growing, one starting and others ready to eat.
Then as soon as all the little greens from a bed were eaten then you remove what's left of the plants from that bed and put those into your compost.
Perhaps you can get what I mean? Or you may have other ideas how this could be done. It does not take many seeds for a small batch as you can see in my top pictures here.

Then at the proper season a few could be planted in your main gardens to grow as they would then make a supply of seeds to reuse.