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August 2020
September 2020
October 2020

October 2020

The mercy and grace of the Lord in enabling us to be used to provide 3 good borehole-wells for the people in the mission home area became amazingly apparent, when in early Sept. the govt sent in a team that went around filling in the people’s yard wells, claiming they were going to put in piped water and taps for the people. Please see the above photo then read Pastor’s comment: “Just how does the govt close a well for someone living in this place and claim to want to put tap water for them? Just where exactly? I don't see this ever making sense! Some inhumanity towards each other l see here!”

Oct 17: We were able to obtain one of the printer set ups for the group where the need was greatest, we hope for means to acquire the second one for the other group where there are new believers needing to be taught, 500 USD. Other current needs are for a simple building on our new lot, where our Missionary Volunteer Ladies and girls, can do sewing and Dorcas work, teaching Health and sanitation to the woman, give needful treatments, and teach Bible studies: This will require 1000 USD. Other current needs involve travel for the Pastor to minister to all our outlying groups; Bibles and SOP books for new believers, and general Mission expenses.

September 2020

 Urgent Need for your Prayers and Support:

We need to make a foundation and at least a small building on the piece of Land that has been given to us beside the Mission home, as aggressive agencies are coming into the area that could snatch it from us if this is not done quickly!

We need much prayer because speculators that "Pant after the dust on the head of the poor" [see Amos 2:7] Want to drill wells and make the people have to pay for their water. They threaten to close our free boreholes down, which were provided by the blessing of the Lord and your generous support, so the people cannot use them freely!! Got word today that Govt workers came in and filled our mission-house well with dirt that we just had fixed up 2 months ago! May the Lord somehow bring a blessing out of this, it is a disappointment!  9-11: It turns out our information was incorrect!. When I first heard of this, I right away prayed that the Lord would protect our mission well and He has! Praise His name! It not been harmed but they locked it for now as they want a run off area built around it so it will not be muddy. We plan to deal with that as soon as our team returns from the exciting outreach they are at present doing.

In the new area where we are presently [Sept 7] holding an outreach seminar, some folk are coming to the meetings who have no clothes to wear! I mean they are naked! We have our orders: "when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him" [Isaiah 58:7] We need to acquire a bundle of clothing to be sent in to them. Sept 11. We are having huge turn outs and many folk needing help to be free of the fear and oppression of heathen devil worship! These folk have never seen a Bible in their lives, we need to pray that somehow we will be able to acquire some to give to them.

As we hold seminars and outreach we are having larger crowds attending of people eager to hear the Word of God, often for the first time! Our lighting and PA system has been outgrown and better equipment needed so that all can hear who come.

 We have initiated another branch of our Medical Missionary work with our young ladies. We managed to get them sewing machines and supplies and lessons from an experienced lady tailor. We hope to follow the example of faithful Dorcas and help to clothe the many we see in such need!

The Lord expects us to attempt great things and he is standing by to provide and enable them to succeed where we see only impossibilities! Let us pray for Blessing so we can in turn bless other and carry the salvation message to all who thirst for it!

 "All who seek of Him shall find. All who knock will have the door opened to them. The excuse will not be made, Trouble Me not; the door is closed; I do not wish to open it. Never will one be told, I cannot help you. Those who beg at midnight for loaves to feed the hungry souls will be successful." COL 148.

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