Science vs. Evolution

Over 3,000 scientific facts which annihilate evolutionary theory
This book is based on extensive research and is highly recommended by scientists and educators

Chapters in illustrated PDF Files

Introduction: A Theory Already Collapsed

1 - History of Evolutionary Theory  How modern science got into this problem

2 - The Big Bang and Stellar Evolution  Why the Big Bang is a fizzle and stars cannot evolve out of gas

3 - The Origin of the Earth  Why the Earth did not evolve out of a molten state

4 - The Age of the Earth  Why the Earth is not millions of years old

5 - The Problem of Time  Why long ages cannot produce evolutionary change

6 - Inaccurate Dating Methods  Why the non-historical dating techniques are unreliable

7 - The Primitive Environment  Why raw materials on earth cannot produce life

8 - DNA and Protein  Why DNA and protein could not be produced by random chance

9 - Natural Selection  Why natural selection only makes changes within species

10 - Mutations  Why mutations cannot produce cross-species change

11 - Animal and Plant Species Why the species barrier cannot be broken

12A - Fossils and Strata  Why the fossil/strata theory is a hoax

12B - Fossils and Strata  Why the fossil/strata theory is a hoax

13 - Ancient Man  Why there is no evidence humans have evolved from anything

14 - Effects of the Flood  What actually happened after the Flood

15 - Similarities and Divergence  Why similar structures are not an evidence of evolution

16 - Vestiges and Recapitulation  You have no useless or unnecessary structures inherited from earlier life forms

17 - Evolutionary Showcase  The best examples of evolution have proven worthless

18 - The Laws of Nature  The laws of nature oppose the evolutionary theory

19 - Evolution, Morality, and Violence  Evolutionary theory is ruining modern civilization

20 - Tectonics and Paleomagnetism  The truth about plate tectonics and paleomagnetism

21 - Archaeological Dating  Correlating Egyptian and other archaeological dates with the Bible

22 - Evolutionary Science Fiction  Fabulous fairy tales which only tiny children can believe

23 - Scientists Speak  Evolutionary scientists say the theory is unscientific and worthless

24 - Utterly Impossible  Things evolution could never invent

25 - The Latest Evolution Crisis  The most recent news (to 2006) in the Evolution Battle

26 - The Case for Intelligent Design  The evidence keeps getting stronger

27 - Summary of the Anthropic Principle  Discovering a flood of coincidences

28 - Eighteen Factors Disproving Evolution  Evolution flunks the science test

29 - Say It Simple  What is this all about?

30 - Problems with Big Bang Creationism  When opposites are combined

31 - Will You Defend God in this Time of Crisis?  Schools, Employment, and Churches

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