Downloadable CD-ROMs on Bible Prophecy

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"Golden Thread of Prophecy" Seminar

"2300; 1335; 508 AD; East-Wind; King of the North; What do these things mean?"

Study through the amazing light of Present Truth Prophecy in 15 easy to follow Modules containing all you need to grasp these fascinating subjects and teach them to others!

This is the ideal Resource for those who have completed the Understanding Daniel and Revelation course or have read the book. This unique Self-learning Seminar provides an in-depth view of Present Truth Prophecy bringing to light the secrets of 1989; 9-11-2001; the 2520; the 144,000; The Day of the East Wind; Islam in Prophecy; and more. 15 Modules containing High Resolution Slideshows; Reading material; Audio Lectures; and suppliments; review Quiz sheets for each module as well as many helpful Charts and a Resource Library. Easy-to-use *Auto-run CD-ROM Zip File: This file is very large so you have to be able to download large files to get it. It is called RemPro on your order. 2018 update.

Making Prophecy Practical:

Character Building for the End Times 2015 Update

This is a powerful Seminar showing the relationship of Prophecy to our salvation and our daily lives. Each Lecture has a printable pdf and an Audio MP3. The Quizzes are in the form of Crossword puzzles and it is necessary to print them out to fill them in. Answers sheets are provided. Bonus Materials include Audio lecture series, 'Time of the End', and a series of short talks; 'Parables and Prophecy'. File size: >1 GB


 POWERPOINT STUDY COURSE 1: Includes Audio MP3s; Now updated to better quality.

This course is completely updated and uses the newest edition of 'Understanding Daniel and the Revelation' by P. G. Temple. A Complete Bible Prophecy Course with high resolution Power Point Slideshows that go through the End-time prophetic books verse by verse, as well as on Bible Rules and the Sanctuary. PDF articles and books provide in depth understanding of the prophecies. This edition has Quizzes and answer sheets for all chapters. This makes it a full study program for individuals, churches, Homeschools or Youth Groups. It includes the eBook "Understanding Daniel and the Revelation"  as text book along with supplemental e-Books. Includes special material on the most important message of Daniel 11:40-45. Very complete study course. Easy-to-use Auto-run CD-ROM: 770 MB -- this edition will not fit on a CDr blank but will on a Data DVDr blank disk. NOTE: when you order this item your order will say DR2011--BUT you will receive the NEW one.

Eating the Little Book:

Announcing a sequal to our D&R study Course; a compact prophecy-study CD-ROM, “Eating the Little Book”, has 15 lessons Narrated by Darrio Taylor. Each lesson has a printable PDF, a 2 page quiz with a teacher’s answer sheet; also a Power-Point slideshow for each lesson that contains the texts and quotes. They can be used for private study, family worships or Church groups.  All can benefit from this sweet feast of prophecy materials. Easy-to-use *Auto-run CD-ROM: 680 MBs 06-2015 update

 Advent Pioneer/Prophecy Library:

Over 1200 EBooks and PDF articles in an easy-to-use *Auto-run CD-ROM: Authors include: Joseph Bates; James White; William Foy; William Miller; Charles Fitch; Uriah Smith; A. T. Jones; J. N. Andrews; and many more as well as a section of more recent items on Prophecy;  a special library on the Bible Sabbath; a selection of Spirit of Prophecy items; a topical library with books on many subjects; Advent History and Current Issues; and even selections on Healthful Living.  537 MBs