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1884 edition Great Controversy.

This rare, early edition of GC is enjoyable to listen to as the story moves quickly and yet with deep insight as in the later, larger editions. It is presented by a pleasant male voice whose reading style is excellent.

 Sister Ellen's Sermons and Talks Volume 1:

Read by Granny 'Temcat'. Listening to these in the spoken word style is almost like being back there in the audience as they were presented!

Sister Ellen's Sermons and Talks Volume 2:

Ellen White Autobiography

Ellen White Early Autobiography: "My Christian Experience, Views and Labors" from Spiritual Gifts Volume 2:1860: Hear the experiences of the Early Advent Movement in the words of the one who experienced them herself; written only a few years after they happened. The trials, triumphs, disappointments, struggles and privations endured by the pioneers of the Advent Movement seem almost unbelievable to us who are 'rich and increased with goods' today. This Audio MP3 CD contains the whole story by Ellen White: 386 MBs

Ellen White Special Testimonies Series B2 & B7

These two Special Testimony series, coming to us from the time of the Alpha Apostasy, contain much valuable knowledge and council needed by us who are living in the time of the Omega Apostasy. 182 MBs

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