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 Granny Temcat reads: Jungle Heroes: MP3 Audio Book CD:

Delightful and exciting stories from early mission days in Burma with Eric B Hare. Includes a bonus actual recording of Ps. Hare and his son playing trumpets.

Granny Temcat reads: Nyla and the White Crocodile & Taught by a Tiger: MP3 Audio-Book CD:

Two classic true mission story-books on one CD! Children will thrill to these exciting and informative stories from early mission days! Adults and teens will like them also.


Granny Temcat reads: Clever Queen & Treasure of the Haunted Pagoda: MP3 Audio-Book CD:

Two more classic true mission story-books on one CD! Children will thrill to these exciting and informative stories from early mission days in Burma! Adults and teens will enjoy them also.


Secrets of the Occult  and Spirits in His Parlor: MP3 Audio-Book CD:

Granny Temcat exposes the Occult Craze in this series of several talks for older children, teens and youth. Also includes excepts from the Amazing mission story book "Spirits in his Parlor", a Hawaiian 'Kahuna' (Witch-doctor) journeys from darkness to light.  MP3 Audio-Book CD:


Granny Temcat's well-loved series for Young Children; "Scare-De-Cat", now in MP3 Audio-Book CD:

Scare-Dee-Cat helps children to overcome fear brought on by untrue stories and confusion about the unknown. Using true stories and incidence and Biblically sound information a series of presentations will be loved by even small children. This series is found on TEMKIT Website in an illustrated, readable form, but this CD provides high quality audio MP3s for the enjoyment of all. 


Granny Temcat reads: Witnesses-Five True Stories; and the Audio Book,  Adventures of Joseph Wolfe. MP3 Audio-Book CD:

These are Five True Stories that Witness to the Power of God; and the Audio-Book story of Joseph Wolfe, self-styled 'Missionary to the World' from the early days of the Advent Movement.


Granny Temcat reads: True to Life Stories

This is an Audio MP3 CD which contains two complete books and a collection of Character Building Stories. Titles:  1: Joy at the End of the Road; An exciting story from WW2. 2: The Singer on the Sand; True Mission Story and an amazing Miracle! 3: Ten Character Building Stories 4: William and His Twenty-Two; Children's Biography of Advent Pioneer William Farnsworth and his Family. Covers many early Advent events.
450 MBs


Granny Temcat reads: The Story of Jesus

This Audio MP3 CD contains the whole story by Ellen White and simplified for children by Edson White. From the sweet stories of Bethlehem, to His childhood trials, His ministry and death on the cross; His resurrection and promise of return are all covered. 196 MBs

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